5 Habits of Thoughtful Gift Givers

What do thoughtful gift givers do which is different from the rest of us? Is there some special secret they know about buying presents we don’t? Why is it that their gifts are adored by their recipients every time? Well, it turns out that there are five habits thoughtful gift givers follow which makes them so successful at what they do. Let’s investigate what they are.

5 Habits Thoughtful Gift Givers Excel At

A thoughtful gift giver is someone who considers every recipient's likes, dislikes, hobbies and other situational factors to choose a present which is perfect for them. To do this successfully, there are five key habits they follow each time:

  1. Shop early – a considerate giver starts shopping well ahead of when they need the present, where possible. This gives them the time to plan out what they’re going to give, allow for it to be shipped and to avoid making bad on the spot decisions. Shopping early also lets them plan ahead, research possibilities and find the right stores to visit.
  2. Make it personalised – a personalised gift has more meaning, is purchased specifically for one person and as such, feels special to receive. Check out our range of personalised gifts for some great inspiration.
  3. Ask – it’s not always possible to find the perfect present for everyone and a thoughtful present giver knows this! That’s why when they’re stuck, they ask the recipient what they want! Or if you’d prefer to keep it secret, ask a close friend or family member what the recipient needs instead – and swear them to secrecy!
  4. Observe carefully – a great gift giver does a lot of investigative observation work first. They see what’s needed and choose their gift accordingly. Often simply watching the person at work, socially and even what they’re liking and following on social media will give you plenty of clues. You’ll also be able to get a solid understanding of their tastes, what they like and don’t like, helping you identify gifts they’ll love forever.
  5. Keep it simple and functional – the best presents are ones which will be used! A functional gift, such as a personalised hammer, hairbrush or pocket knife are practical, useful and needed!

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