6 Ways to Find the Perfect Gift for your Partner

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for your partner can be hard, especially if you don’t really know what they are interested in, or how to present it. So we’ve put together this handy list of six ways to help you find the right gift for the person you love the most.

How to Find the Perfect Gift for Your Partner

Here are six tips to help you find the perfect present for your partner:

1. Make a list of all the things your partner is interested in. From here, think of a gift or gifts that would fit under the category of that gift. Then try to combine two or more of their interests together, such as an iPhone case with a photo of you both on it.

2. The past can be a good place to start when hunting down a gift for your partner. Look for photos of a special time in their life, or even a cherished childhood toy or book that is in disrepair, for example. You could get those photos reprinted and put into a nice frame, or have the toys or books repaired professionally.

3. Think about what your partner needs, whether that is clothing or something else. A great idea is putting together a lot of smaller things that they do need like beauty or personal grooming items into a care package or gift basket. A personalised beard brush, toothbrush and wooden comb would work well together here.

4. Include a little bit of yourself into the gift- whether it’s a heartfelt poem, song or artwork in the personalised gift.

5. Work out a budget and stick to it. Remember, it’s not the price that matters, but the type of gift and thought that went into it that is most important. 

6. Consider the occasion that you’re buying the gift for. Often the type of event will help dictate the type of gift you will give, such as flowers for an anniversary or a bottle of bubbly paired with a personalised bottle opener for a congratulatory celebration.

The way you give your partner their perfect gift also matters. Why not create a series of clues and have them perform a scavenger hunt? Or you could even do an adult type version of pass the parcel. All up though, remember that a functional gift is often preferred by gift recipients because of its practicality, and you can find out more about this by checking out our article Why Functional Gifts Are the Preferred Presents to Receive.

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