7 Tips On Choosing Gifts for Mum

Whether it’s Christmas, Mother's Day, or a Birthday present you need, finding the perfect gifts for Mum isn’t as hard as it may seem to be. Like with all the best gifts, you want to find one she’ll love, needs and will use often. So, we’ve put together a great selection of tips to help you do just that!

7 Tips to Help You Pick the Perfect Gifts for Mum

Your Mum has been there for you over the years. She picked you up when you grazed your knee, hugged you when you broke up with your partner and cooked you thousands of meals. You want to show her you appreciate all the love and attention she has given you by giving her a great present. However, where do you start? Here are seven tips to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Explore her home – what does she have around home that looks in need of replacing? A duvet cover or cushions for the sofa? You could even go as far as checking out her bathroom for soaps, fragrances and toothbrushes!
  2. View her magazines – these can show you the kind of things she likes looking at and thinking about. Great inspiration for presents, but also you could give her a magazine subscription too!
  3. Personalised home décor – why not have a lovely message or her name added to her gift, telling her just how much she means to you? You could have her name engraved on a glass water jug for her kitchen, or a gardening trowel to use over summer. 
  4. Gift subscription – is there an item that your Mum loves and uses often? Coffee, chocolate and even soap gift subscriptions are available where the giving keeps on coming for months!
  5. Extra time – what Mum couldn’t do with extra time for herself? If she has young children, an offer to babysit them is always welcome. Or for more mature Mums, a weekly visit from a house cleaner or gardener would work well.
  6. Handmade – what can you make that you know your Mum would love? Baking and cooking make great gifts for Mum, especially if it is something she rarely makes for herself, but loves.
  7. Retail therapy – Mums love to shop! Give her the gift of a voucher for her favourite store, let her spoil herself silly!

One key point: a functional gift, one that she’ll use often, is always a great way to go! Research has shown that great gifts for Mum and other significant people are ones which can be used again and again. Take a look through our range of functional and personalised gifts any Mum will love forever!


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