Father’s Day Presents for the Dad Who Has Everything


Personalised Father's Day Gifts

Every September it’s the same story – what Father’s Day presents can we give Dad this year? For the Dad who’s got everything, this can be a puzzling time for his kids. Socks? Too boring. A book? Nah, he’ll expect that. A t-shirt? He’s got plenty. But relax, because finding the perfect Father’s Day gift just got easier because we’ve made a list of the best gifts to give a Dad who has everything!


Top 7 Father’s Day Presents He’ll Love

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. While we agree that a homemade cake, some chippies and dip are a good place to start, Dads also love the thought and attention which goes into the selecting of their presents. That’s why they love receiving handmade and personalised gifts. To make life easier for you, the gift giver, we’ve made a list of the top seven Father’s Day presents. They are:

1. An experience – there are plenty of amazing experience packages you could give Dad, including a drive in a speedway car, a bungy jump or a cooking lesson.

2. Some sleep – for the new Dad who finds himself exhausted, why not give him a sleep-in over the weekend? A great sleep-in is never over-rated.

3. Go plastic free – help Dad go plastic free by giving him his very own reusable straight razor! We can even personalise it with his name, ensuring it never gets used by anyone else.

4. Personalised tools – make it easy for Dad to find his tools by gifting him a personalised hammer and pocket knife!

5. USB fan – active Dads easily become hot and sweaty. Give Dad his very own portable USB fan to cool down in the car, on his desk or anywhere with a USB point.

6. Handmade photo frames – for the Dad who has everything, make him a photo frame and pop a photo of you in it! Ideal for Dads who are away from home often.

7. A BBQ gift set – if your Dad loves to fire up the grill, make him up a BBQ gift pack. Pop in his favourite sauce, an apron, a bottle of beer and a personalised bottle opener and send him out to the grill.


Remember when choosing Father’s Day presents, a functional gift is your best bet. This ensures it is used and loved, plus avoids becoming another ‘store in the cupboard’ gift statistic. For extra help choosing Dad a present, we’re here to assist you. Get in touch with the Brusht team today!

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