How Personality Types Can Help You Choose the Perfect Gift

Everyone wants to give the perfect gift, yet we all get stuck when choosing between which gift to give. Well, we’ve found yet another way to help you make the perfect decision: personality type!

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was created by Isabel Briggs Myers to help people make sense of who we and what others are. There are 16 different personalities, and while that may seem a lot, they can be broken down into four groups.

  • Extraversion or Introversion (E or I)
  • Sensing or Intuition (S or N)
  • Thinking or Feeling (T or F)
  • Judging or Perception (J or P)

The 16 personality types are created from one of each of these four groups. You can check out the Myers-Briggs website for more information on what each type is, or take the test yourself!

The downside is, unless you’ve got hours to analyse test results, it’s a bit of an overkill when you all want to do is find a great present! So, we went looking for another option and found some research completed by Northwestern University. After surveying more than 1.5 million people, they identified only four personality types:

  1. Average
  2. Reserved
  3. Role Models
  4. Self-Centred

But can these be of any help for us when selecting gifts? No, not really. So, we decided to see if there was yet another personality type set we could use, and there was! Keep reading to learn what they are and how they can help you pick the perfect pressie!


Choosing the Perfect Gift Using One of 4 Personality Types

We don’t have the time to spend hours finding the right present, and we bet you don’t either. Good news is that when you allocate the recipient to one of these four personality types, you won’t have to. Here are the four types, a short blurb about their type and some gift examples:

  1. Type A – they are highly competitive, self-driven, practical and ambitious. They are always needing to do something and can find it hard to relax. A great gift would be some gardening tools, or sports equipment.
  2. Type B – these people are so relaxed and fun to be around. They are not stressed about deadlines, but will give a task their full attention. Why not give them some craft items like knitting needles and wool, or a good book to read.
  3. Type C – this personality type is rather cautious and thoughtful. They enjoy their own company and are quite reserved. A great gift would be something which would help them organise their belongings, such as a diary planner or a set of wooden coat hangers.
  4. Type D – born worries, they are pessimistic by nature, and enjoy sticking to routines. Great present ideas include items which can help them relax or make following routines easier. We think that a personalised hair brush would be most appreciated, along with a toiletry bag.

For more great tips and advice on finding the perfect gift, be sure to check out our Gift Blog.

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