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In recent times, it has become more and more common for couples to request money as the wedding gift of choice- the reason for this is different for each and every couple.

Many millennials are adopting a more ‘minimalistic’ lifestyle and sometimes prefer experiences, such as concert tickets, over cake tins or platters.  For others, asking for money instead of wares is simply a way to pay off the exorbitant bills they clocked up to put on their wedding day. Or, to cover the cost of the honeymoon which they may not have had the funds to pay for in advance of the wedding.

As part of the wedding invitation a poem may be included, along the lines of:

“We’re tying the knot and we just can’t wait,
We knew it would happen on our very first date.
If you did want to give something to help us on our way,
Some money in a card would truly make our day! “

The cost of a wedding varies depending on many factors – but imagine not having to pay for most of your wedding! Imagine your wedding cake, photography, make-up, hair accessories, personalised gifts for the groomsmen, a luxury glamping venue and more all for FREE! This will be the reality for one NZ couple who desire to have their wedding in Auckland in 2019.

A group of NZ wedding vendors will be joining forces over March/April to donate a wedding day package that is worth over $18,000 to a deserving couple. The generous wedding vendors have chosen to gift a dream wedding to a couple to celebrate their love.

My vision is to donate a wedding day to a couple who are deeply in love and always cultivate a positive atmosphere with the people who love them, regardless of their life challenges.” – Ankita Dhakar of The Photo Phactory, Giveaway Organiser.

The wedding day will take place on a date to be decided by the couple and vendor team. The giveaway is open to all New Zealanders however, travel costs are not included. The total value of the prize pack exceeds $18,000!

The giveaway opened on Thursday 14th March at 9am and will close Thursday 11th April at midnight. Couples can enter the competition by telling us why they deserve to win via the online form here.

The winning couple will be announced on 18th April 2019.

To enter, click this link:

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