What are Traditional Housewarming Gifts?

Did you know that in medieval times, housewarming gifts were given to ‘warm the house?’ Guests brought with them gifts of firewood to help the new homeowners warm up their home by lighting a fire in every fireplace. It was also seen as a way of helping fend off evil spirits, by literally creating a protective atmosphere of warmth.

Housewarming gifts have continued to change over time, but the sentiment remains: we want to bring cheer, happiness and good luck to those who have moved into a new home. By bringing a gift, we share our love and good wishes for their future, providing them with something they need or will enjoy using.

We’re going to look today at the traditional housewarming gifts over the years, finishing off with the types of gifts we commonly give nowadays.

Exploring Traditional Housewarming Gifts

The tradition of giving housewarming gifts has been happening for hundreds of years. From giving firewood, people moved on towards other gifts which had special meanings:

Candles – to give you light even through the darkest of times

Salt and herbs – that flavour and spice is present in your life

Bread – may your home never know hunger

Sugar – may your life always contain sweetness

Olive oil – bless you with good health and wellbeing

Pineapple – a sign of welcome and hospitality

Honey – wishes for a sweet life

Roosters – a home security system

Wine – wishes of joy and prosperity

Wood – stability for the home and who that live there

Broom – to sweep away the bad luck

Coins – so you will receive good fortune

Houseplant – so your home always has life

Rice – to help the love in your home multiply

Do you recognise some of these housewarming gifts which remain common today? We’re going to cover these next!

Choosing the Perfect Housewarming Gifts

You want to give a housewarming present to your friend, colleague or loved one: what should you choose? It’s a great idea to look back upon the traditional meaning of housewarming gifts given in the past to help you find something suitable for today. Here are some great ideas:

Wooden gifts – bring a sense of stability and order to their life by giving a gift made with wood, such as a personalised hammer.

Wine themed gifts – instead of a bottle of bubbly, give one of the tools they’ll need to drink one, such as a pair of wine glasses or a bottle opener.

Cooking accessories – give a pot of honey and a personalised wooden spoon to encourage a sweet life and a productive kitchen.

You are encouraged to check out our other personalised gifts to help you find the perfect housewarming presents to give.


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