"Personalised Folding Pocket Knife"
"Personalised Folding Pocket Knife"

Personalised Pocket Knife


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Stop what you’re doing. Yes, that.


Now have a look at this, it’s our trusty pocket knife and I bet you haven’t seen anything quite like it before.


That matte black, powder-coated, stainless steel blade and handle, with a polished wooden grip, now that’s what I call a knife. It’s sharp too, sharply priced and sharply bladed. Whether you need to cut open a package, skin a possum or slice through a rope, this is the perfect companion.


Just be careful, like your kitchen knife, it’s not a toy – please exercise caution when in use and keep it out of reach of children. On that note, there’s a special safety lever that automatically locks the blade into place to prevent it folding back on the user.


There’s also a sturdy metal clip to attach it handily to your belt.


Like all of our wonderful products we can etch a name into the wooden handle with our magical burning lasers, so let us know what you’d like in the notes section when you place your order.


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