"Personalised Cardboard Pens"

Personalised Cardboard Pens


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It’s hard to find a good pen these days, and when you do it’s even harder to hold onto!


Rogue office colleagues, small children, and wandering woodland animals all seem to relish the opportunity to remove a pen from its proper place and re-appropriate it for their nefarious purposes.


As frustrating as this is, we think there is a solution, and it doesn’t involve superglue. Our cardboard pens are (mainly) biodegradable which means that they are better for the environment than a standard plastic pen. The barrel is made from thick cardboard that holds together well under the pressure of ordinary pen life.


But wait there’s more, because cardboard = wood, we are able to use our super secret incinerating lasers to remove layers of cardboard in the shape of your name. That’s right, you can have one of our pens with your name on it!


And you could pre-empt those colleagues and small children with pens that have their names on them too, that way they won’t have any excuse to use your special pen. Make the move to cardboard today!


Please leave your required names/nicknames in the notes section when you order.


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