Why Functional Gifts Are the Preferred Presents to Receive


Is it really the thought that counts when gift giving? What would happen if you gave functional gifts instead? One that the receiver could use, rather than it sitting on a shelf gathering dust? A personalised gift engraved with their name, letting them know you chose it especially for them? Well, they’d be thrilled beyond belief to be given a useful and unique gift of course! After all, we’ve all received gifts which have ended up piled in cupboards before …

Functional Gifts – the Most Underrated Gift Category Ever 

We’re blessed with huge varieties of online gifts we can choose from to give to our friends and family. Sometimes it can be incredibly hard to pick the perfect present, making a gift card almost the only option. However, research has shown that when a person receives a functional gift, they are more thankful than they would be if receiving a sentimental and non-practical present.

This same gift giving study, also found that while gift givers select presents which are seen as being desirable, gift recipients preferred practical and functional gifts. Now if that doesn’t lay out why you should choose useful gifts first, we don’t know what will! After all, it’s the way the gift makes the recipient feel which is important, not how you feel when giving it.

Top Tips on Choosing Functional Gifts

Thoughtful gifts can take hours to buy. You’ve got to secretly research the present recipient’s favourite food, colours, hobbies or clothing size. Then you’ve got to find a present which meets all the characteristics you are looking for. It’s no wonder that many of us would rather do anything else than go present shopping!

That makes choosing a useful, practical present a much better option. Here are our top tips on functional gift giving:

Look for items they’ll use each day. Gifts such as bamboo toothbrushes and wooden coat hangers are great.

Choose personalised gifts for kids, as there is no better way to pre-empt a fight between siblings than naming their own items!

Pick presents which are easy to use. No one wants to read complicated instructions before using their present. This makes personalised wooden combs the perfect unique present!

Buy gifts which are useful, but also related to their favourite things – a win-win! We all know you can never find a bottle opener when you need one! An engraved bottle opener lets a beer connoisseur enjoy his favourite drink without someone swiping his bottle opener.

If you’d like personalised advice on choosing the best functional gift for someone special, we can help! Contact us today and we’ll make present giving fun again.

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